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Treetop Arts

From pre-schoolers to adults, we foster a love of performing and competing, instilling creativity and confidence in every student.

TERM 2 Our venue is undergoing MAJOR renovations, our lastest timetable is temporary and heavily reduced for this term

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About Treetop Arts.

Treetop Arts LTD is a Non-for-Profit Physical Arts and Gymnastics school that uniquely blends performance and athletic skills, instilling creativity and confidence in every student.

From pre-schoolers to adults, Treetop Arts fosters a love of performing and competing - all in one space.

Derived from circus foundations, Treetop Arts offers dynamic creative arts programs, competitions and performance opportunities for a variety of disciplines including parkour, gymnastics, aerials, performing arts, tumbling and preschool activities.

Check Out Our Programs

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Parkour 4yrs+

By far one of the most popular programs which includes indoor and outdoor training.


AcroDance 5yrs+

Acrodance focuses on floor tumbling that dancers require for routines and dance choreography.


Selective Gymnastics 4yrs+

Our selective program. These classes are a great way to see if students want to continue gymnastics at a higher level after doing Kindy or Rec Gym.


Competitive Gymnastics

Levels are required to train multiple days per week and attend competitions throughout the year. 


Recreational Gymnastics 4.5yrs+

Recreational is the foundation class for kids and teens to start gymnastics if you are new to it.  too. 

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Circus Aerial Performance Program 4yrs+

CAPP is the gateway program to all that we have to offer at Treetop Arts from Aerials, Acrobatics and Unicycling and performance opportunities.

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Aerials 4yrs+

Trapeze, Lyra and Silks we teach everything in our 7m high ceiling aerial studio!

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Kindy Gym Walking - 5yrs

New class themes roate every 2 weeks in this creative, engaging playful class that teaches fundamental movement using gymnastic elements

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Each age group focuses on different forms of acting for both stage and screen.

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Dynamic Tumbling 

Think of running up on the floor and doing lots of acrobatic tricks in a sequence, that's what power tumbling is!  Cheerleading, yep it's exactly what you're thinking, Dance, Lifts and Tumbling all in one class with a group to make a routine to music.


Our Trainers

Treetop Arts’ experienced and reputable trainers curate each discipline’s program to unlock every student's full potential, whether that be an introduction to the craft or high-level competition and performance.

Kids Parties

Host your next party with Treetop Arts!

We understand how important it is to create a special and memorable experience for your child's birthday. We offer CIRCUS + GYMNASTICS + PARKOUR parties.
Choose you length and size and leave the rest up to us!

"Our Parkour Party was fantastic, the kids had the most amazing time and our instructor was incredible! I'll be recommending it to all my friends. Thank you so making our day so special!"


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“I am so happy we have found Tree Top Arts! The atmosphere amongst the coaches and students is positive, fun and my child walks out with a smile on their face after each session… which is exactly what we wanted. Their school holiday program is just as good!”

Tarsha B.

Start with a free trial today!

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