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Aerials 2


(8yrs+ OR prior experience of CAPP required)

Students will now start to combine more key aerial movements together as they have built confidence and strength. Kids will also be introduced to the Lyra in this level (hanging hoop). Students start to learn how to wrap for small drops while being inverted, and learning how to hang from the bar with only 1 arm or one knee (rather then two)
Kids then start to work on sequences of connecting tricks together to be able to start to build up the agility and strength to create routines, which will be performed in time to music.

Learning Outcomes level 2

Russian climb, knee climb (various version) Wrapping from caterpillar into seat, catchers position, double foot lock, dead mans pose, half catchers drop, hip lock (can be on the ground) one knee hang (trapeze) elbow hang, chin up pullover (trapeze/lyra) mokey roll (trapeze), high birds nest, skin the cat, Lizard (lyra), back layout dismount, gazzle split (lyra) el dropo, working from a spin (lyra) 2 - 3 doubles moves (Lyra + Trapeze). 
Being able to climb and connect 4 trick in a row without coming down on silks and connect 6 tricks on trapeze lyra.

Usually 1yr-2years in Aerials II.

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Aerials 3


(prior experience of CAPP or Aerial 2 skills required)

Students now have the stamina and confidence to last longer in the air and hold body tension in various shapes and positions. This is essential to prevent injuries when learning bigger dynamic tricks, that need students to hold their shape when falling in the air.  Drops, swings, rolls and spins are the dynamic elements of aerials, which are taught over all 3 apparatuses. Students continue to develop on the Lyra and are introduced to doubles trapeze and doubles lyra.

Students ready for the next step will make solo and/or duo routines on one of the 4 apparatus learnt in this program. Additional auditions and aerial performances are giving to students in this level including, Little Lyra’s and La Folie.

Learning Outcomes for Level 3

Silk drops from hip lock and catchers, working towards double drops, double tricks on lyra and trapeze, dynamic tricks on lyra/trapze ie tombay ect forward rolls on trapeze, knee rolls on trapeze, lion rolls on lyra, elbow rolls on lyra, assisted meat hooks, straddle climbs, hooks dismount, hooks release ½ twist.

On average 2 -3 years in Aerials III. 
Students are encouraged to then perform in the Senior CAPP Program

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