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CAPP Circus Aerial Performance Program



The gateway program to all that we have to offer at Treetop Arts! 
Headed by NICA (National Institure of Circus Arts) graduate Corie Hurry. This program will help you develop and navigate what you love about the world of the physical arts!

All new students are expected to start (depending on age) in the Mini and Emmerging CAP program if they have never been to our school before and wish to do acrobatics or aerials.

You can stay in CAPP your whole way through Treetop Arts, or you can Audition to be apart of our Senior CAPP program later on.

Some students start in CAPP break away to focus on one discipline and then re join us to be apart of our Senior CAPP program, where we offer some of the best performance experience for circus arts in the country.

Students are also encouraged to enter multiple circus competitions throughout the year, Bend the Air, Little Lyra’s etc

Mini CAPP 4-6.5yrs
Rising CAPP
Senior CAPP

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(Intro Aerials + Tumbling)


One of the best classes if you have a short attention span! This action packed 45min class will intro you to the basics of aerials and tumbling with a side of fun. Using swinging and spinning in aerials helps younger children play all the while learning how to hang on and hold a shape. Floor skills such as intro to handstand, forward rolls, hula hoops and juggloing are also taught. Core strength and coordination wrapped into 45mins!

Learning Outcomes 

Basket to knees on trapeze, angle lyra/trapeze, inverted tuck pin and straddle silks, back star silks, french climb ½ silks, forward rolls wedge, correct shape on trampoline, juggle two balls, hoop on arms. hold handstand at wall.

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Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 1.00.48 pm.png

Rising CAPP
(Level 1 Aerial + Tumbling)


This class teaches BOTH Level 1 Aerials and Level 1 Tumbling skills as well as learning basics in object manipulation apparatuses like juggling and hula hooping and partner acrobatics. This is Treetop Arts go to class for anyone introducing themselves to circus, aerials or acrobatics. Once you spend time in this class you will know what you want to do and be more coordinated from doing all the disciplines.

Older students will be pushed to develop short routines and be introduced unicycle and walking on stilts. 

Students who commit long term are given special opportunities to present performances at fetes, community events and feature in our spectacular EOY performances as the Rising CAPP Troupe.

Learning Outcomes for Level 1

Aerials: full climb on silk, invert on silk from 2 climbs, straddle and pin from climb, mount and dismount on trapeze, basic trapeze moves in sequence  (gazelle,half pixie,mermaid), hanging from knees swing to sit, caterpillar wrap from straddle, foot lock from climb.

Tumbling handstand (controlled) cartwheel (both side), forward and backward roll, basic mini tramp sequence.

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Senior CAPP

(Invitation only or prior experience)
180mins + additional Saturdays (for extra rehearsals when preparing shows)

Students with previous physical or performance skill are encouraged to audition for this class. There is one major performance project for the year that the troupe will work with an outside director on and create a brand new show (2022 Mullumbimby Circus Festival, 2019 Viva La Gong, 2019 Wingham Akoustic Festival, 2023 Circus Monoixde Collaboration). 

Students extend skills such as, group acrobatics, aerial performance, object manipulation and performance craft. This class tailors to the individual, and works with their challenges and obstacles over the year to move through the process of creating a very unique performance outcome. Outside shows directed by industry professionals, this class is for students who are committed to their skills and are interested in acquiring industry experience and knowledge.

Learning Outcomes 

Advanced moves in aerial/object/group acro/tumbling, working at a professional festival/show, experience on stage with solo performance and group performance, experience working with a professional outside director.

Under the BIG TOP at National Circus Festival 2023 Senior CAPP students with Charlie Truscott Director.

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