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Treetop Arts LTD is more than a recreational school. It is a community arts and sports program. The purpose of the school is to build a foundation and home of accessible trainers which extends its resources and services out into the community and regional areas.

Founder Charlie Truscott has spent the past 10 years touring remote parts of Australia with her performing and teaching. This is the inspiration behind Treetop Arts LTD so it can share with other demographics and can do its part when it comes to opportunity
and access.

We sponsor 4 students per term for our classes, who may not have access to our programs as well as working with groups such as Salvo's and Banado's to bridge the gap with subsidised programs to continue to make Treetop Arts programs accessible to all.



Charlie Truscott.

Director & Founder

Charlie started teaching gymnastics at just 14 years old. Her interest in gymnastics expanded to circus becoming a part of a local youth circus troupe. Charlie studied at Dell’arte in California and realised her dream of creating her own arts and movement school through the community based arts program that she majored in during her studies. When she isn’t teaching and working on the school Charlie performs and runs shows of her own through her performance company Treetops Circus. She is also a new mother to two beautiful daughters Aphyre and Dottie.

Orion Campbell

Head of Gymnastics

Gymnastics, Tumbling, Kindy Gym

Orion has been teaching for 12 years and competed up to level 7 herself. She has her Advanced WAG (Women Artistic gymnastics) accreditation, intermediate gymnastics judging accreditation, kindy Gym certification and a Certificate IV in Small business. She taught at International Gymnastics Summer Camp in the USA where she met and worked with Olympians. Orion also attended Wollongong High School of the Performing as a dance student. When not working she loves playing with her Puppy, Harvey, and travelling.

Johnas Liu

Head of Parkour


Johnas has been teaching for almost 7 years and has his intermediate and free gymnastics coaching accreditation. He also teaches parkour in Sydney and is a professional performing theatre artist that has been involved with various performance companies including Legs on the Wall. When not teacher Johnas sings and writes his own songs!

Corrie Hurry

Head of Circus + Tumbling T

Corie has been teaching for over 13 years. He is kindy gym and free gymnastics accredited and has a diploma of fine arts in circus from NICA. He specialises in chair balancing and handstands. He is also an experienced rigger and has worked at various companies and festivals with these skills including. Adelaide fringe, Mullumbimby Circus festival aerialize, circus monoxide and Spaghetti and the great Moscow circus in which her toured with for many months. Corie also runs his own business Milk Crate Circus. When he is not teaching or performing Corie loves experiments with visual arts.

Blake Wilson

Aerials, Circus, Tumbling

Blake has been teaching for over 5 years but has been training aerials since he was at Campbelltown high school in their aerials/circus program. He is a very skilled Lyra, hammock, Corde Lisse and Hoops artist. He teaches and performs with Aerialize and Circus Monoxide. He is very passionate about cabaret and Burlesque, if it wasn’t for covid we would’ve lost him to cirque du Soleil. He often performs in fringe festivals and at Spiegeltent when it is in town. He also won first place in his age group at Mr Lyra in 2019. In his spare time Blake Loves playing video games and has began sewing his own clothes.

Corey Pickett

Circus, Drama

Corey Pickett completed high school at WHSPA majoring in Drama. When he met Charlie she introduced him to circus and he became a part of the circus monoxide teams, he then travelled around New Zealand with aotearoa. He moved to London and became a national Street Performing performing all over the world in places including Australia, Europe, Dubai and China. In these performances he juggles, acts and unicycles. He is fantastic at improvisation and making people laugh. We are lucky to have him with us any time he is in the country.

Alyse Gretton

Aerials, Tumbling, Gymnastics

Alyse has been teaching for 10 years. She has her advanced gymnastics coaching accreditation. She has competed in gymnastics to level 6 and aerials making it to the Miss Lyra Finals. She runs the BOSCO aerials program and Team Gym NSW. In 2018 she won a scholarship to study at a gymnastics school in the Netherlands. She is currently studying to become a high school teacher.

Slade V Mayer

Drama, Circus, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Aerials, Kindy Gym

V graduated from Newtown High School of the performing arts as a drama and entertainment student, thus graduated from Treetop Arts Circus Performance Troupe after being a member for 6 years. V has been doing circus from 12 years old and drama from the age of 9. They have performed in a variety of productions and companies including Viva La Gong, Circoostik and Page 9 Productions. V has a Beginner Gymnastics coaching accreditation and attained certificate IV in live production and entertainment. When not training, teaching or performing V likes writing poetry, reading plays and watching performances.

Sarah Fitzgerald

Aerials, Circus

Emma Khorey

Aerials, Circus


Drama, Circus

Bree Dawson

Drama, Circus

Alyssa "Artie" Kennedy-Whiting

Aerials, Circus

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