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Winter School Holidays Programme 2024

A week of school holiday workshops is like a whole term of classes in just a few days! It's an opportunity for our regular students to try a bit of everything we offer and for coaches to show a whole bunch of new kids what we are all about.


Each full day of Treetop Arts’ activities is just $58 or book Monday-Thursday either week of the school holidays for only $200


Programmed activity times are 10am-3pm with crèche available from 8:30am for an extra $10 each morning.

What do I do when I arrive?

Come on up to meet our Treetop Arts coaches, make sure we've marked your attendance at the front desk and wait with your grown up in the student waiting area:

  • Make sure you've got a packed lunch and a full drink bottle.

  • Grown-ups please take your child to the bathroom before we start- children are not allowed to walk through the gym unsupervised

  • Leave your shoes and socks and lunch boxes in the cubby boxes ready to start.

  • The programme will start at 10am


Early drop-off and supervised play is available in the creche from 8:30am for an additional $10 each day.


What's in programme this time?

This school holidays we've got specialist coaches in 

Gymnastics, Aerials and Circus!


Find out all the tricks to safely performing rolls, cartwheel, handstands or human pyramids with a buddy, then learn foundational skills on bars beam, trampoline, silks, aerial hoop (lyra), juggling, hula hoops, spin sticks and diabolos. 


We usually split into two groups at the start of the day and move between activities coordinated by our expert coaches so that everyone has a go at everything on offer!

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School Holidays
Booking Form

Fill in you bookings details here and you will be contacted to pay directly via credit card within 24-48hrs

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