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Have you tried our 5 class pass?
We know getting to every class with little ones isn't always easy which is why you can buy 5 classes up front and use them within a 3 month time frame, ask our front desk about it today!
TODDLER 5 CLASS PASS (30mins) $70
KINDY 5 CLASS PASS (60mins) $110

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1.5yrs - 2.5yrs/3yrs

Toddler gym is a parent and child gymnastics program for children aged 5months-3 years and is designed to encourage the holistic development of children. Both classes are age appropriate and structure to challenge the key milestones of the age groups.

Toddler gym provides a strong foundation for their critical early years. This period of your child’s life will influence their movement abilities later.

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Kindergym is a movement program targeted at children 3  – 5 years which is designed to develop the whole child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically in a safe and structured environment. 4-5 year olds can try unassisted classes for independent learning. The development areas the program focuses on are Brain Development, Body Awareness, Social Interaction, Vestibular Stimulation and Balance, Core Strength, Fine Motor Skills and Sensory System.

Start with a free trial today!

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