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Dynamic Tumbling

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Power Tumbling 1

60mins 5yrs+

Offers an introductory level to the floor, air mat, double mini-trampoline & flexibility. Classes are taught using gymnastic drills, and safe progressive activities. Classes are taught from the Treetop Arts syllabus, and teachers create a safe and progressive environment where students can be encouraged to go further.

Learning Outcomes 

Handstand (controlled) cartwheel, forward and backward roll, bridge, basic trampoline jumps, plank and dish holds, handstand flatbacks. 

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Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.59.14 am.png

Power Tumbling 2


Starts to link skills together, to create a ‘tumbling line’. For example, handstand forward roll step our cartwheel or a r’doff backwards roll are started to be done together in a row, like a routine. This requires more awareness and coordination from students when connecting skills in a quick and fast way. More focus is given to how students can gain more height on floor and trampoline/airmat to work towards more dynamic tumbling tricks ie handspring, front saults and preparation for back handspring.

Learning Outcomes 

Front sault, handspring/fly spring, hurdle cartwheel, r’doff (on floor) backward walkover/ticktoc, held handstand (5sec).

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Power Tumbling 3


At this level, students are encouraged to transfer more of their trampoline skills to the floor and air mat. As their skill level builds, so should their strength and agility, which is essential for tumbling when starting to connect the faster and more dynamic tricks together like handspring into aerial cartwheel. Students start drilling skills like r’doff back handspring and front sault step out, which are continued into higher levels.

Learning Outcomes 

Back sault, back handspring, aerial cartwheel (barani), front sault ½ twist, front walkover, front handspring cartwheel (connected), handstand ½ piroeet, press handstand from standing straddle.

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